In an effort to help website owners prioritize tasks, Google has added a new “site health” view to the Webmaster Tools home page. The site has been redesigned to show you which sites need your attention the most without having to click through multiple reports.

Webmaster Tools is a free service offered by Google that allows a website owner to optimize the visibility of his or her sites. It differs from Google Analytics – which also helps to measure a site’s success – in that it focuses on information provided by Google search query, and doesn’t include results from other search engines.

Google is currently determining whether a site is in poor health based on three issues: when malware has been detected, when important pages – defined by the number of clicks that page gets – have been removed through Google’s URL removal tool, and when important pages are blocked. Google plans to expand the site health notifications in the future.

The addition of the site health view will benefit webmasters that own multiple domains. It will save a lot of time since it doesn’t require a click to determine which website needs work. Instead, Google will provide site health information below its domain. Each website is displayed with a thumbnail and a link. Clicking on a health problem will open additional information about the issue.

It’s important to note that only webmasters with less than 100 sites listed will display the site health issues beside each domain. If you have more than 100 sites listed you will see site health at the top of the Dashboard.

[Via: Ghacks, Image credit: Pete]