Over the next few months, Google plans to introduce several new changes to its search engine in hopes of providing you with more accurate results.

Currently, when you search for “the tallest buildings in the U.S.,” Google will provide results based on the keywords in the phrase. Through the keyword-search system, the company can determine the importance of a website based on the words it contains, how often other sites link to it, and so on.

While Google doesn’t plan on replacing that system, it’s hoping to provide more relevant results by introducing semantic search — which refers to the process of understanding the meaning of words.

After these updates, Google will not only understand your request, but will also return a more valuable list as well as tell you the height, location, and history for each building. The company already utilizes this technology, but we can expect to see a much stronger version in the coming months.

Recently Google began personalizing search results based on individuals’ activity on Google+. Semantic search will be among the biggest changes in the company’s history and provide you with a smarter search experience. Specifics aren’t yet available, but this will definitely have an impact on Google’s page-ranking results, SEO, and advertising.

[Via: Wall Street Journal, Image credit: Alex Barth]