Today Google launched a new version of its Google Search app for iPhone, bringing it more in line with its iPad app — which received a revamp last November.

The updated app now gives you faster results, a full-screen image search, and an easy way to access all of your Google apps in one place.

Similar to last year’s iPad update, Google Search for iPhone now features the ability to swipe back and forth between search results and pages you’ve clicked on. Google has also made it easier to switch between search features — including images, places, shopping, and videos — by displaying a menu at the bottom of the screen.

Additional Google services — such as Gmail and Google+ — can be accessed below the Apps button on the home screen. The app can detect which Google apps you have installed on your phone so you can use those instead of the web version. Conveniently, the company has made it so you only need to sign in once.

Image search also received an upgrade and now features full-screen designs, a swipeable lightbox, and an easier way to save images to your phone.

Overall, the app features some great improvements and welcomed design changes — unlike the tweaks made to some of its other products. The updated version of Google Search for iPhone can be downloaded today

[Image credit: TopRank Blog]