Google continues working toward the unification of its products. Today, the company announced that it’s expanding its search functionality to include Gmail.

The search giant first introduced personalized search results when it launched Search Plus Your World in January. Those ties were strengthened in May, when Google’s Knowledge Graph was announced.

In a small field trial, Google will experiment with adding your personal Gmail emails to its search results — assuming you’re signed in to your account. For example, if you search for something to buy on Amazon, Gmail results will appear, such as a shipping confirmation.

Similar to Knowledge Graph results, Gmail results will appear in a small box on the righthand side of the screen. You’ll have to click “show results” to see more as these won’t be displayed by default for privacy reasons.

You can also type the word “Gmail” into the search box and Google will include those results in the main column under the assumption that you’re more interested in those results compared to others.

While your inbox houses a lot of useful personal information, and it could simplify your digital life to have everything unified under one account, it could raise security concerns for many. If you’re not interested in personalized results, you can click an icon that hides them. Right now, this is also how you turn off personal search results from Google+ — something Google will hopefully remedy in future iterations.

The field trial is limited, but you can sign up for early access. According to Google, it will take “a couple of months” to get your account activated.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Robert Llefi]