Today Google has launched a new search education tool aimed at helping students become skilled researchers and independent learners.

Over the past few years, Google Search Education has offered classes that teach educators about existing tools that can aid in academic research.

“Knowing how to search has so many benefits, but we know teachers need materials in order to teach these skills,” explained Tasha Bergson-Michelson, a Google Search Educator. “That’s why we created our new Search Education hub.”

The Search Education hub features lessons plans based on the Common Core State Standards and “A Google a Day” search challenges, which are broken into beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories. It also includes several training videos.

New methods of interaction and connectivity have given schools the opportunity to rework the educational experience. Today, students are watching videos on school-supplied iPads, and interacting with classmates through campus-specific Facebook Groups. Through Google’s Search Education hub, educators can empower students in both their academic and daily lives.

To learn more about Google’s educational efforts, visit its new Search Education website.

[Image credit: mrsdkrebs]