Google has rebuilt its Android Market and unveiled Google Play — the search giant’s biggest launch since Google+. The new platform offers an improved experience for consumers and content creators.

Google Play is a combination of Google Music and Google eBookstore. It’s a web-based system for buying and consuming content — including e-books, music, movies, apps, games, and so on.

The new cloud-based storage system will let you sync files from multiple devices so you can buy content once and use it anywhere by signing into your Google account — an approach similar to Apple’s. However, unlike Apple, there is no need to plug one device to another to sync content.

In addition to storage, you’ll also have access to nearly half a million games and apps for the Android OS and a large collection of e-books and movies to rent. It’s possible that purchasing options for TV shows and movies will be available in the future. As with most of its products, we can also expect to see integration with Google+ in the near future.

Google is getting serious about digital content and this strategy could increase the competition with Apple. Bundling all the services under one platform not only makes it easier to market, but encourages discovery as well. It’s too early to tell how successful Google Play will be, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on it.

As of today, Google Play is live on the web, but it will take a few days for the Android Market app to update to the Google Play store app.

[Via: CNET, Image credit: Robert Scoble]