Today Google announced that merchants across the U.S. can now use a new self-serve interface to create free Google Offers — including areas where they haven’t launched yet.

Previously, Google has focused on pre-paid offers — similar to Groupon Now — but the company is now offering free coupons, which will encourage new customers to visit your store or restaurant. It’s important to note that Offers are free only during a limited-time trial period.

Through Google’s new self-serve version you can set specific times for when and how long an Offer — which can be for money off, a percentage discount, or a free product — should be valid. Additionally, you’ll have access to stock photos and other tools to help personalize your message.

These coupons won’t solely rely on your social media or word-of-mouth efforts to bring in customers. Consumers can now use Google Maps for Android to find offers. Google will also alert those that opt in when there’s a nearby Offer. There’s no word on when iOS and other platforms will receive this functionality.

While there are several daily deals and offer products to choose from, the integration with Google Maps makes this an attractive option, despite that feature being limited to Android devices. If you’re interested, you can get started today.

[Via: TechCrunch]