Google Offers is expanding to five more cities: Austin, Boston, D.C., Denver, and Seattle. Starting today each of the new cities will have at least one offer available.

The deals service, already active in Portland, San Francisco, and New York City, sends special offers and deals to your inbox or mobile phone. The offers are for 50% or more discount, but don’t require a certain number of people to participate to activate.

You can currently subscribe to receive deals of the day in your email inbox from as many places as you like. Additionally, mobile consumers can take advantage of these offers through Google’s Android app, Shopper, or the upcoming mobile technology NFC (Near Field Communication). On Google’s NFC-enabled phone, the Nexus S, you can tap on a Google Places window decal, visit the company website, or perform searches on your mobile device and check for available offers.

The service has received some mixed reviews, especially regarding the quality of the deals offered. While competitors like Groupon have a knack for providing successful deals, Google Offers appears to have had a rocky start in Portland – its original launch city.

While thought to give an advantage to Google over its competitors, NFC technology hasn’t reached widespread adoption in the U.S. yet. Luckily Google has the luxury of time and will be able to refine its deals service. By integrating the service with so many core products the company has made it clear that Google Offers will be an important revenue stream in its mobile future.

[Via: TechCrunch]