Google announced that it will retire its Meebo Bar publishing tool on June 6th to focus more on projects like Google+ Sign-In and plug-ins.

Founded in 2005, Meebo is a messaging service that put out several advertising and social networking products. Included in the line-up was the Meebo Bar, which enabled web publishers to make it easier for visitors to “discover, browse, and share content on their site.”

Acquired by Google last June, the service’s product team helped to build publisher tools for Google+ with the expectation that existing Meebo products would be integrated or shut down. Although many of those products were disabled soon after acquisition, the Meebo Bar relaunched last December with Google+ sharing options.

But now Meebo is the focus of Google’s latest round of spring cleaning, where it will join the likes of Google Voice App for BlackBerry and Google Reader. While this will have little effect on most websites, publishers utilizing the bar will need to look into other advertising and social networking features.

The Meebo Bar will stop loading on sites after June 6th and it’s recommended that you remove the inactive code from your site. This can, of course, be done beforehand through your content management system (such as WordPress or Blogger). Additionally, Meebo Bar analytics will be accessible through the Meebo Dashboard until June 30th. We recommend that you download them for future access.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Daniel Oines]