Starting today businesses rated with Google Places – which lets people find businesses and access information like location and store hours – will be highlighted on Google Maps. This update will allow a consumer to visualize the all of the locations he or she likes or dislikes on one map.

To help customers keep track of favorite locations Google introduced the My Places tab on Google Maps. My Places aims to help people quickly view and interact with saved maps, starred locations, and rated businesses.

Additionally the search giant will provide personalized recommendations for restaurants, shops, or other local businesses based on places that have been shared previously by that user. So depending on a user’s taste, your business might be suggested. This is just one of the many reasons why it’s important to monitor your Google Places page.

A few months ago Google announced that it would automatically update your Google Places business page for you. This means that if your hours of operation are incorrect, a user could submit changes and you would be notified after the change takes place. Having correct information is important now that more eyes are likely to see you pop up in results.

Google is rolling out more updates to its apps in an effort to become a one-stop-shop for location-based searches. The company hopes that customers will be more likely to use Google to find, shop, and eat at local businesses.

Currently the highlight map labels are available on the desktop version and Google Maps for Android.

[Image credit: laihui]