According to Google, its redesigned ads in the Google Maps mobile app will help to increase click-through rates by 100 percent.

While it might not be a top priority for advertisers, Google Maps offers an important opportunity. Ninety-four percent of smartphone users search for local business information. Of those, 90 percent make decisions based on the results.

Mobile search results will now feature larger call-to-action buttons so individuals can easily place calls or find directions to your business. Clicking on a business’ URL will load the site within the app instead of opening through a browser.

Google will also introduce blue hyperlocal markers — replacing the standard red pins — which will indicate the distance between your business and your customer. Additionally, they will also provide distance, directions, and contact information.

Searchers will benefit from the added convenience, as will advertisers. According to T-Mobile, which implemented the hyperlocal markers last summer, the company saw 162,000 click-throughs in one month.

We expect that adding local information to mobile ads will help to increase relevancy for searchers, but it’s too early to what kind of impact this will have on local businesses. Google will roll out the updated ads for all users this Friday.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: laihui]