It was announced today that Google celebrated its biggest traffic month of all time, up 55 percent – 49 million visits – since November. Soon those visitors can expect to see a new Google homepage.

Google is revamping its homepage and will replace the black bar that runs along top with a grey logo. When clicked, the logo will reveal additional Google services, such as Google+, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, and others.

The new interface, which is similar to Google’s Chrome operating system, aims to improve user experience, but we suspect that it will also help to promote more Google products without the additional clutter.

However, the change would require a second click to visit any of Google’s products, an increase from the one it takes now. It might seem like a step backward in terms of usability, but analysts believe that it could lead to advertising benefits in the future.

The new look certainly puts more focus on other Google services. With the increase in traffic, it’s fair to assume that we could begin to see more growth on Google+. The social network has already reached 62 million users – partially due to increased promotion from TV commercials and the Android 4 release.

The redesign was first announced last year and is only being offered to a limited number of users at the moment.

[Via: BBC News, Image credit: MoneyBlogNewz]