Today Google released an updated version of Google Drive for iOS. Now iPhone and iPad users can create new documents, edit existing ones, and format text.

The long-awaited file storage and syncing service launched in April, but it didn’t reach iOS devices until June. However, it wasn’t long before complaints about functionality began to surface.

Early hands-on reviews revealed that major features were missing from the iOS version of Google Drive — most notably the ability to upload files from your iOS device, create new documents, and edit existing documents.

That has all changed with the new version. In addition to creating new documents and editing existing ones, you can also view Google presentations, create new folders, move files into folders, and upload photos and videos directly from your device.

Google has brought Google Drive for iOS more on par with the Android version, which also received several minor updates today. On top of the iOS features, Android users can also add comments, reply to comments, and view tables within documents.

This is a big improvement for Drive users, especially if you’re working remotely or accessing team documents while on the go. The updated version is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: Meneame Comunicacions]