Google has bought The Dealmap, a 14-month old daily deals startup that aggregates local deals from its affiliates for display on a Google map.

The Dealmap brings with it 2 million users, 1 million mobile installs and partnerships with many daily deals services such as, MerchantCircle, MyPoints,, SuperMedia, and T-Mobile.

This acquisition makes it easier for the search giant to bring together check-ins it integrated into Latitude, its own daily deals via Google Offers and take a cut of everything by processing the deal with Google Wallet.

With the proliferation of so many daily deals services, consumers are looking for one that does it all and this move may make Google the front-runner in this category.

It hasn’t been announced if The Dealmap will keep its brand identity or be fully integrated into Google.

[Source: Venture Beat, Image credit: emdot]