In an effort to make it easier for consumers to find Google Business Photos, the company has begun displaying these images on its search results page.

Google Business Photos allow customers to virtually walk through your business with Google Street View technology. Previously they were often hard to find, buried in local listings and Google Maps.

Now, when a customer searches for your business, Google will display these images in the right sidebar next to the regular search results. To take a look inside, he or she just simply clicks on the “see inside” image and will be taken to the indoor imagery on Google Maps.

It’s still unknown just how beneficial Google Business Photos are to your company’s success, but it’s an interesting marketing tool that’s worth looking into — especially if you have a unique storefront or product line-up.

At this time, only businesses in cities with access to Google’s Trusted Photographers can take advantage of this feature. You can still upload your own photos — which are also displayed on the search results page — but you won’t be able to offer customers a Street View-like walk-through experience.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Nomadic Lass]