Google has announced a major update to its blogging platform Blogger that will make it faster and more efficient for bloggers. It has been years since it’s seen any significant changes and today’s update will make it easier for Google to implement more updates in the future.

Blogger is a free weblog publishing tool from Google that lets you share text, photos, and videos with your community. A businesses often creates a blog to share updates about a product or service, or share other valuable content relevant to its industry.

Throughout the update process Google conducted user interviews to help identify ways in which it could make Blogger easier and more enjoyable to use. That feedback resulted in the entire rewrite of the editing and management experience.

Based on the feedback received, Google also tweaked the new user interface. Blog posts can now be created or edited with just one click, whether you’re on a dashboard or settings page of The post editor has also been expanded to make drafting and previewing your work more efficient.

Additionally, an Overview section has been added to your dashboard and will provide analytics for your blog, including a graph of your most recent traffic numbers, comment activity, and follower counts. Blogger also added helpful links and a showcase of recommended blogs to this section.

Starting today bloggers should keep an eye out for a pop-up announcement on the dashboard with instructions on how to upgrade to the new UI – this means that you will not be updated to the new experience until you enable it.

You can read more about what has changed on Blogger’s Help Center page.

[Via: Official Google Blog, Image credit: Ryan Hyde]