The demand for information on the go is increasing, which is why Google has made it easier for you to monitor your site’s performance from your mobile device.

Google Analytics for Android provides you with a mobile-friendly interface and real-time tracking. It also introduces some new features, such as customizable alerts, which integrate with the Android notification center.

Currently this app is only available for Android. Google Product Manager JiaJing Wang said the team is “definitely thinking” about adding an iOS app too.

Additionally, the search giant recently announced a new service, Mobile App Analytics, which will focus on an individual’s interaction with your app — specifically user metrics, engagement, and outcome.

You’ll be able to track new and active users — including a break down across different app versions, devices, and operating systems — as well as frequency, crash reports, and details about conversions and in-app purchases.

Although Mobile App Analytics will be available for both iOS and Android developers, the latter will have access to more detailed information thanks to integration with Google Play.

You can download Google Analytics for Android today. While having access to your analytics while out and about is convenient, especially for compulsive metric-checkers, it’s going to have to share the spotlight. The new mobile data — due out at the end of the summer — is going to provide you with a much more robust app performance report.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: Vince Welter]