This week Google introduced a Status option that will give AdWords customers a new way to monitor the approval process of their ads.

Google recently announced that it will roll out several new changes to its search engine as part of its semantic search update. These changes will most likely impact its advertising platform, so this is good timing on Google’s part.

To view your ad’s status, hover your mouse over the speech bubble in the Status column of the Ads tab. This pop-up will tell you if the individual ad is showing for the default keyword and location. If you’d like to check the status of other keyword/target combinations, those can be edited right within the pop-up.

The new feature is especially helpful if you’ve placed an ad in a category restricted by Google’s advertising policies to only be displayed in specific countries or with certain keywords.

Not only does the new functionality provide a quick response to your ad’s pending status, but it also offers insight into why it hasn’t been accepted — for example, your AdWords account might be low on funds.

[Via: Search Engine Land, Image credit: TopRank Blog]