Today Google announced that AdMob campaigns will be added to the AdWords dashboard, giving advertisers access to more than 300,000 mobile apps.

AdMob, a mobile advertising company acquired by Google in 2009, offers ad solutions for several mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, webOS, Windows Phone, and so on.

From your AdWords dashboard, you can now choose to have display ads appear in mobile apps. Additionally, you’re able to target specific devices by model, manufacturer, or app categories in the Google Play and Apple App Store.

The integration makes it easier for small businesses to spend on mobile ads. “Anybody that’s buying performance media through AdWords can now very easily add mobile display to campaigns,” stated Jason Spero, head of global mobile sales and strategy at Google.

Big things are happening in the world of mobile advertising, despite reports that search is dominating display ads. Just this week, Facebook launched a new mobile-only ad option. It’s true that many advertisers have been slow to embrace mobile, but the AdMob-AdWords integration should make it much easier for you to experiment with it.

To get started with your mobile campaign, just select the “Display Network only (mobile apps)” option from the Campaign Type drop-down in AdWords. To learn more, register for Google’s webinar on mobile apps inventory in AdWords today at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET.

[Via: AdAge, Image credit: Robert Scoble]