Business owners are sometimes tasked with monitoring multiple email accounts as they balance their personal and professional lives. Google has introduced Account Chooser, which makes it easier for you to swap between different Gmail accounts.

Before you can start using Account Chooser, you must first enable it by visiting If you’re already signed in with your Google Account, the feature will be automatically enabled, allowing you to begin adding additional accounts right away. You must check “stay signed in” for the feature to work.

To ensure that everything went smoothly, we recommend signing out of your Google Account and signing back in. The new Gmail login screen should feature a small box that displays your name, email address, and an image if you have one associated with your account.

Multiple sign-on, which enables you to be logged in to more than one Google Account at a time, will be enabled across many of Google’s products. This means that while logged in to your personal Gmail, you can also log in to your professional Gmail account without signing out of the other.

The company warned that not all products support multiple sign-on at this time. If you try to access a Google product that doesn’t support Account Chooser, you’ll be automatically switched to your default account (the one you were logged in to when you enabled the feature).

If you no longer wish to use Account Chooser, you can disable it (look for the option in the page’s footer) and turn it back on at any time. With Gmail becoming more interactive, the ability to seamlessly switch between accounts will become more convenient. If you enable this feature, be sure that you’re sending emails from the intended account, and don’t forget about account safety and privacy tips.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: Josh Smith]