At long last, Gmail for iPhone and iPad finally supports multiple accounts. Google has released version 2.0 of Gmail for iOS, which was launched, pulled, and re-launched more than a year ago.

The updated version sports a variety of new features as well as a cleaner look similar to the redesign received by its web products — with a bit of inspiration from Sparrow, which was acquired by Google earlier this year.

Many people, especially professionals, have more than one email account. Gmail for iOS wasn’t a viable choice because it only allowed access to one inbox. Now you can log in to up to five Google Accounts and switch between them with a couple of taps.

Other improvements include auto-completed search predictions and an infinitely scrolling inbox as you swipe — previously it was loaded screen by screen, taking up precious time. Speaking of time-savers, you can also respond to Google Calendar invites and interact with Google+ posts in your email inbox.

If you spend a lot of time in your Gmail inboxes, this update might be worth switching from Apple’s pre-installed Mail app. According to Google, the updated version is still rolling out on iTunes — we’ve haven’t been able to install the app yet. If you’re having problems uploading it, you might have to check back later.

[Image credit: Cairo]