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Every Tuesday we’ll focus on just one (1) Twitter Tip and show you how to integrate it into your social media strategy.

Today’s Twitter Tip Tuesday: Getting down to the “Why?” of Twitter

The mechanics and use of Twitter are pretty straight forward. Set up an account, follow those of interest, build a following through engagement and thought leadership and establish your brand. Many Tweeters go through these steps and grow naturally after taking that important, initial step.

But have you ever considered asking yourself why you are on Twitter in the first place?

Why: The Most Important of the 5 Ws

One of my favorite TED Talks of all time is from Simon Sinek, a marketing philosopher teaching the art of starting with “WHY?“.

In his TEDxPudgetSound talk, he suggests successful companies stand out because they sell the WHY of what they do, not the WHAT or the HOW. The WHY is what got you started in your career. The WHY inspires people and makes them want to listen.

Your WHY can be anything as long as it’s defined from the start. It could be to increase your profile online. It could be to increase sales by 15 per cent. It could be to build a relationship with a particular client. Whatever it is, by determining the WHY, it puts focus on your tweets.

New media mavens and authors C.C. Chapman and Ann Handley write in their new book Content Rules on the importance of WHY:

Unlike journalists, your content strategy should begin with the WHY. Why are you creating the content you’re creating?

Build up from the “Why?”

So you’ve determined your WHY. Having that basis to work from will help determine who to follow and engage with on Twitter, what to say, and what not to waste your time on.

For example, lets say the WHY of your business is to land new clients. Now your tweets can focus on the problems your product/service solves. You can respond to particular questions and answers from the businesses you want to get the attention of. This is much more effective than simply bragging about how great your product is.

In a previous post for Sprout Social: Insights I wrote about how important it is to ask and answer questions to engage. Remember that the most important question you can ask yourself is “Why?” – before you make your next move on Twitter.

It’ll help focus your tweets, give you a measurable goal, and expand your brand with purpose.

What’s your “Why?” Let us know by leaving a comment below.