On the heals of Google’s My Places launch, Foursquare has just announced that it has redesigned its website – which closely mirrored the function and design of its mobile app – in an effort to make content discovery easier.

Although a majority of activity on the location-based social networking site happens through its app, Foursquare is moving away from just checking in to sharing more experiences and expertise.

The biggest change is that now when a user visits foursquare.com, he or she will be greeted by a large map, which displays friends and nearby places that are trending, offering specials, or are on one of his or her lists.

In order to make the map – which updates automatically – more relevant to users, Foursquare will share recommendations based on the location and time of when the map is accessed. For example, if your customer is looking at the map at noon, Foursquare will suggest lunch spots nearby, or on weekends, it will recommend interesting weekend activities. This feature gives users an opportunity to discover new venues that might have otherwise been overlooked.

Foursquare’s homepage isn’t the only thing getting a makeover. Place pages were included in the redesign and now sport a better representation of photos, tips, and information, making your page much more appealing to a casual browser.

Finally, the company has also made finding interesting Lists easier with List Discovery. Lists are helpful guides that provide users with the best restaurants or venues in a particular city.

The changes haven’t rolled out yet, but will be going live over the next couple of days. The redesign creates more value for Foursquare’s website, making it a good resource for finding local businesses. It’s unclear if this will have any impact on other local review sites – such as Yelp.

[Image credit: John Fischer]