Foursquare has announced its partnership with the local discovery startup SinglePlatform, which will bring the menus of almost 250,000 U.S. restaurants to its service.

The social network is focused on rebranding itself as a one-stop-shop for location-based content. And thanks to the 1.5 billion check-ins from the Foursquare community, the company has been able to deliver personalized results for its user base.

Consumers will be able to click through menus on the right hand side of venue pages that have menu information. For many of the restaurants, Foursquare has also included a pricing icon – similar to that on Yelp – to help diners budget their nights out.

Currently menus can only be found on the web and on Foursquare’s mobile site – Foursquare’s mobile apps will receive the update soon.

This is a smart move for Foursquare as it will help to keep users on its site (or app) instead of navigating to other services to find additional information about a venue. Local businesses, such as cafes and restaurants, will also benefit now that consumers can easily access more information about your business.

[Image credit: lauren]