Foursquare announced that it will soon launch an automated test that will make it easier for people to become superusers, which is someone who has the ability to edit the location database.

Currently the location-based social network has more than 55 million places in its database. Foursquare gives special privileges to edit and organize location data to a vetted group of superusers that now reaches 40,000.

Previously members of this group were selected through a manual process that required the company’s six-person support team to sign off each one. Now Foursquare is switching that over to an automated process.

The test, which could be ready as soon as next week, will give people a list of suggested edits and then measure their responses for accuracy. Those who pass the test can immediately get promoted to superuser status.

One of the benefits of the superuser group is that it allows people to edit business listings and venues in Foursquare’s database. According to the company, it typically sees more than a million edits to its venues database each month. While testing new tools recently, the number of edits was up 400 percent.

Although this is a small change, and one that likely few will even notice, it’s an important part of Foursquare’s larger strategy. The company has been building up its location discovery and recommendation service over the past year, and this is just one more step toward improved local search results and location reporting.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Eli Pongo]