When a visitor to one of your company’s locations checks in with the new version of the consumer Foursquare iPhone app, he or she can now share details of his or her check-in-related accomplishments with friends. Those include not only personal accomplishments like a 30-day streak at the gym, but more importantly for businesses, received Tips and unlocked Specials.

We’ve taken some deep looks at how businesses get results using Specials and Tips on Foursquare in the past, but there was always a limitation in exposure — a potential customer more or less has to already check in to find out about your Specials unless you go cross-platform and manually promote the Specials on Twitter or Facebook. That’s always been a good idea and it still is, but now the reach of these deals can extend beyond those following or visiting you directly.

If a customer thinks a Special you’re offering is a particularly good deal, he or she can just tap a button in the app now to share that special with his or her entire network of friends. If they think it’s a good deal too, they might show up as patrons to take advantage for themselves, and maybe even share the deal with their friends.

Despite Foursquare’s relatively small user base, it’s a tantalizing promise, and extra incentive to offer some killer Specials to your customers.

The new capability for sharing Tips is an altogether different beast. Just as with say, Yelp reviews, this one could work for you or against you. People might leave all sorts of comments as Tips when they visit your business. Some could be positive, others could be negative — and now those comments can be amplified.

This is going to happen whether your team is engaging with Foursquare or not, so it’s best to provide the best customer experience possible and to be present on all the social channels your team has the bandwidth for to lead the conversation about your business.

You might recall that Foursquare now offers a mobile app for managing your venue’s presence there. Use it!

[Image credit: Thirteen of Clubs]