Today Foursquare has announced several major updates for its BlackBerry app. In addition to general speed enhancements and bug fixes, the company as added NFC capabilities.

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a wireless technology that allows small pieces of data to be transmitted between two devices in close proximity.

Foursquare has integrated NFC technology into the app, which means that individuals are now able to share places and tips with other BlackBerry and Android devices. Additionally, your customers will be able to check in to your location by tapping their phone against a special sticker inside your business.

Although adoption of NFC has struggled in the U.S., it’s slowly gaining momentum among small businesses. This is a big step for Foursquare, as it’s still the check-in app of choice for many customers.

Another noteworthy update is the relocation of all your notifications into your BlackBerry inbox. If you subscribe to many notifications, this might clutter up your inbox, but it’s a great way to stay on top of your customers’ activity without having to constantly check multiple apps.

It’s unclear if the addition of NFC will encourage more individuals to check in to locations, or if it will have any affect on BlackBerry owners’ Foursquare usage. Regardless, it’s an interesting addition that’s definitely worth keeping your eye on.

[Image credit: Sirinya Tritipeskul]