The Foursquare Lists feature lets members, brands, and businesses share their top destinations with contacts. This gives the locations that appear in the Lists — often local businesses like restaurants, stores, or music venues — even more exposure than they received from Foursquare before.

Either Foursquare members with personal profiles, members with business pages, or Foursquare brand partners can use the new feature. Just go to your profile page and click “Create a List” to get started.

Foursquare actually suggests a few list ideas — for example, “Top picks for Italian restaurants” — but you can come up with your own. Every location you add to your list will be visible to friends and fans. These lists are also integrated in various places on Foursquare’s site, particularly the “Explore” section that shows Foursquare Tips and other suggestions for places to check out.

Encouraging your most loyal customers to add you to their Lists could give your business or brand extra exposure to the public, so consider offering Foursquare Specials to people who do, among other things. Lists have rolled out to everyone now, according to the Foursquare blog, so check them out.

[Image credit: John Fischer]