In a rare turn of events, BlackBerry owners are getting access to a feature before their iPhone and Android counterparts.

Foursquare recently announced that its Explore feature would be available to all web visitors, regardless of whether they were logged in or not. This functionality is now coming to mobile, and BlackBerry is getting it first.

“Inspired by the possibility of making Foursquare available to as many people as possible, our BlackBerry team built a logged-out mobile version of Explore during a recent hackday,” Foursquare stated on its blog.

Explore recommendations were previously based on check-in activity, which required members to be logged in. Now, the company looks at several factors, including what’s popular in the area, what’s trending, where experienced members are going, and what’s popular at certain times of day.

This is big for both BlackBerry, which often falls behind iOS and Android in terms of updates, and Foursquare as it evolves into more than just a check-in service. Is this the beginning of a new trend in mobile app development? Probably not. We imagine that this move was based on convenience more than strategy.

While the end goal is ultimately sign-ups for Foursquare, opening up its Explore feature to more people could send a lot more foot traffic your way — especially now that it’s available for mobile. There’s currently no word on when the logged-out functionality will be available for other mobile platforms, although we imagine it’ll be soon.

[Image credit: John Fischer]