Today Foursquare updated its Android and iOS apps, giving individuals the ability to check-in their friends. While aimed primarily at your customers, there’s one big takeaway if you have a business listed on Foursquare: more check-ins.

Previously, the location-based social network let people mention friends, but not actually check them in — The Next Web noted that this ability was previously available through a third-party app. Although the functionality has now been turned on, friends still have to log into Foursquare and approve the request.

Once a friend has given someone permission to check them in once, they won’t have to do it again in the future. One approval and the feature is good to go. If a person doesn’t want to be checked in, Foursquare will just mention them as usual.

Although small in size, the new ability has a lot of potential to increase the chances of more people checking in to your venue. The current check-in process doesn’t take up that much time, but tapping once to approve a check-in is a lot less hassle.

Let’s consider groups attending an event. Instead of a handful of them opening up Foursquare and the rest forgetting, one person can check in everyone. Later, whether during or after the event, the rest of the group can approve the requests. The check-in notification could even prompt some members to share tips or leave other comments.

The latest version of Foursquare apps can be downloaded today from Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Monica Nuñez]