Foursquare has introduced new check-in pages for mobile users that could amplify your local business’ presence on the social network.

The updated pages now include all of the specifics of a check-in, including the address, photos, badges, points, comments, and likes. When a customer shares a check-in on Facebook or Twitter, his or her friends or followers will be provided with a much more robust experience.

Friends and followers can also interact directly from that web view, making it easier to like or comment on an a check-in. Additionally, if someone is craving more information, he or she can choose “Open in App” to learn more about the venue on Foursquare. This update follows nicely after the company expanded its Explore feature.

Although it’s a subtle update that will likely resonate more with consumers than merchants, it could provide some extra awareness for your business. Instead of asking friends of customers to go digging for your information, it’s now presented in a more convenient and attractive package.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Michael Galpert]