Continuing its progression into becoming a source of local business information, Foursquare this week released a feature that will pull more details from check-ins. While the immediate value of this update will go to consumers — who will be able to make more informed decisions — businesses can also benefit from those decisions.

In a blog post, Foursquare said it will now ask people a question about the business they’re visiting after their check-in, which can be responded to directly in the app. These questions could include whether the restaurant has outdoor seating, or if it delivers, or whether a new gym accepts Discover as well as Visa.

The data collected will be used to enhance businesses’ profiles, which already include things like your address, phone number, and location on a map. In short, Foursquare is leveraging its 35 million members to become more like Yelp — which has answered these types of questions for quite some time.

To avoid overwhelming its members with questions, only one will be asked at a time, and questions won’t be asked after every check-in. Instead, Foursquare will deliver these questions randomly. At first, the company will start asking its members to provide details on venues in the food, nightlife, and shops categories.

Questions are being asked on both Android and iOS devices. According to Foursquare, since launch, “hundreds of thousands” of people have already answered their questions. How does this help you? The more information available to consumers the better. When someone opens Foursquare to find a gluten-free place to eat with outdoor seating, he or she will likely choose your venue over one that has only the most basic information available.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Ed Yourdon]