Today Bing announced that tips and recommendations from Foursquare will begin to appear in the search sidebar across the U.S.

In May, Microsoft launched a new, social design that divided the search engine into three columns. The third column houses social elements, which bring friends, experts, and enthusiasts into the search experience.

The third column combines results from Quora, Facebook, Twitter, and starting today, Foursquare. Specifically, Bing will pull in data that has been publicly shared on Foursquare.

For example, if an individual is looking to hold a lunch meeting nearby, he or she can search for your restaurant on Bing. In addition to photos and reviews from friends, he or she will also find public tips shared by Foursquare’s user base.

“The tips that we surface on Bing depend on the venue you are searching for and your location,” explained Swati Gharse, senior program manager for Bing’s social team. “For example, if you’re in New York your Starbucks search results would be specific to that area and different from the results that someone might see if they search in San Francisco.”

While there is an obvious benefit for restaurants, cafes, and bars, this could also come in handy for travelers searching for hotels or familiarizing themselves with local businesses in a new city.

Although Google continues to dominate the search market share, Bing, which rose to 15.6 percent in June, has created a successful alternative. While this might not result in a mad dash of customers to your business, it does help to create awareness by offering an additional customer perspective.

It’s also a good reminder to promote yourself on Foursquare so your customers know to check-in, increasing your chances of appearing in Bing search results.

[Image credit: TAKA@P.P.R.S]