While tagging is a popular method of keeping track of photos on Flickr, the photo-based social network hasn’t officially supported hashtags until now. Following its integration with Twitter in December, Flickr has added hashtag support to its mobile platform.

Using the updated iOS app, you’re now able to add a hashtag to your photo’s title as well as its description. This could come in handy while sharing photos from an event, like a conference, or sneak-peeks to complement a new product launch.

Additionally, fans can also use hashtags to run search queries to find all photos using specific terms. If your company uploads a lot of pictures to Flickr — especially those related to a specific event, product, or feature — make it easier for your fans to find them by including the hashtag.

Alternately, by tagging your photos with a hashtag, you can also help to create awareness around hashtag campaigns on other social networks. For example, your community on Flickr might not be aware of the scavenger hunt you’re promoting on Twitter. Some digitally savvy individuals might think to check out the hashtag on other platforms.

With more than six billion photos housed on Flickr, searching for a particular event could return a lot of random results — people often tag their photos with the same thing, regardless of whether it’s actually relevant. Instead of sifting through pages of possibilities, your community can now find what they’re looking for right away.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Quinn Dombrowski]