Today Mozilla announced that Firefox 8 is available for download. In addition to security and performance features, the updated browser now comes with built-in Twitter search.

Firefox is a free web browser created by the non-profit organization Mozilla. As of September, Firefox is the second most widely used web browser with 25% of the usage share – Internet Explorer leads with 38.9%.

The latest version has integrated Twitter’s search page, which lets you search for topics, usernames, and hashtags directly from its search bar. At the top right of the browser is a search box with a drop-down menu. From the menu you can choose from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia, and now Twitter – and CreativeCommons have been removed.

In addition to Twitter’s integration, Mozilla has also updated Firefox for Android, which now includes password management and support for saving bookmarks to your homescreen.

Other changes made within this update include the ability to load tabs on demand – which makes it faster to restore windows with multiple tabs – and the ability to disable add-ons installed by third parties by default. Previously third-party developers could install add-ons without your permission.

While the update itself isn’t spectacular, this is a great step for Twitter as it has recently painted itself as a powerful asset for breaking and consuming news. Adding Twitter into Firefox’s search bar simply validates its position. Additionally it makes it easier for you to search across the social network without leaving the site you’re on.

[Image credit: Andy Wright]