Many brands have successfully integrated social media into their marketing strategies. But often times, these campaigns are limited to online engagement. Fashion retailer C&A brought social media offline in a way that’s relevant to both the brand and its customers.

The Brazilian branch of the company has launched a new initiative called Fashion Like, which allows people to Like certain items of clothing on the company’s Facebook Page, which are then displayed on the relevant clothes racks.

Through this initiative, customers are able to view the popularity of an item in real-time, as well as get real world help from C&A’s community, which could influence spending.

It’s unclear how successful Fashion Like will be. It seems like a fairly easy system to game — consider how many times you’ve found clothing on the wrong hanger. Regardless, it’s an interesting experiment and if Likes do in fact draw customers, you can expect to see more social crossover like this.

You can learn more about how Fashion Like works in the video below. We recommend turning on subtitles — by clicking the “CC” icon — as it’s in Portuguese.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: C&A Brazil]