Facebook Page owners might want to pay closer attention to Insights as the company has added viral shares to your People Talking About This (PTAT) count.

Previously, when a fan shared your post, any Likes, comments, or re-shares were not considered part of People Talking About This. Now, when fans’ friends take action on a shared post, it will be reflected so you have a more accurate representation of people talking about your Page.

According to Facebook, some Pages have already seen a significant increase in PTAT since the change, which was rolled out last week. For example, George Takei, who regularly gets thousands of shares per post, saw PTAT rise into the hundreds of thousands (indicated by the green line below).

However, a high Like count doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be seeing a similar increase. Coca-Cola, which has more than 42 million Likes, continued to see fluctuations in its PTAT stats — possibly due to the fact that the brand posts less frequently and receives fewer overall shares.

By gaining a more accurate representation of your Page’s virality, you should be able to distinguish your strong content from the weak. And now that posts from Pages are more prominent than ever in News Feeds, it’s important that you share content that’s likely to result in engagement.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: lululemon athletica]