There’s often a disconnect between social media marketers and the CEOs who manage them when those CEOs come from a traditional sales background. If you’re the social media marketer in that situation (or the CEO, for that matter), you know the question, “How do I measure the ROI?” quite well. We’ve got an infographic that helps answer that question.

We’ve tackled the question of social media ROI before — Sprout Social CEO Justyn Howard wrote here at Sprout Insights nearly two years ago that social media ROI didn’t matter (yet), in part because you can’t measure mindshare. Now the tools are more sophisticated, the industry is more mature, and professionals in the space have started to grok the rewards that social media strategies offer companies and brands.

You’ll find in the infographic below that this disconnect between marketers and sales-oriented management represents some misconceptions on both sides. For sales managers: There’s so much more to this than a P&L figure at the bottom of the sheet, and we know folks are starting to really wrap their heads around that. For marketers: Counting followers and fans is not the most helpful exercise for measuring your campaign’s success. Keep reading to see what really matters.

The infographic was created by the InventHelp Facebook and InventHelp Twitter marketing team. Click the image for the full-sized infographic if you find the text a little bit too small to read here, and let us know what you think of the data.

[Header image credit: Thos Ballantyne]