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Whether you had a busy workweek or unplugged immediately after work on Friday, here’s some of the biggest stories in social media you missed this week.

This week, we took a look at the various types of Facebook Ads available to advertisers after the social network announced that Sponsored Stories will retire on April 9th. We also highlighted a handful of ways in which the company is putting the focus on real-time public conversations with the official rollout of its Trending section.

Twitter made a short announcement about two new ways in which advertisers can create tailored audiences.Now, in addition to interests and keywords, you can offer retargeted ads to members based on their email address and Twitter user ID.

And finally, we spent a little time showing off some of the awesome features available to you in Sprout Social. In addition to giving you a closer look at brand keywords, we added new functionality that allows you to drag and drop to attach photos to your status updates. You can learn about that, and more, in our articles below.

How to Filter Queries in Brand Keywords With Sprout Social


Knowing what people are saying about your company is an important component of your social media strategy. That insight enables you to take action and become part of the conversation between existing and potential customers. However, during these conversations, consumers don’t always talk directly to your brand or even use your exact business name. [Read More…]

10 Facebook Ads to Choose From After Sponsored Stories Are Retired


Anyone looking to purchase a Sponsored Story on Facebook better do it fast. According to the updated developers roadmap, the social network plans to retire the ad unit on April 9th. Sponsored Stories has been on the chopping block since Facebook announced plans to simplify its ad products in June 2013. This was done to offer advertisers a more consistent and intuitive experience. As a result, the company promised to streamline its ad offerings from 27 to fewer than half of that. [Read More…]

Drag and Drop to Attach Photos in Sprout

Adding photos to your posts just got easier – and faster – with drag and drop photo attachments. Whenever you’re creating a new post, all you have to do is drag the desired image onto the Compose box, and Sprout will attach it to your post. If you want to select a file to upload, you can still do so by clicking on the camera icon. [Read More…]

Create Tailored Audiences Using Email and User IDs, Here’s How


Last month, Twitter announced the global availability of tailored audiences, which essentially allows brands to target Promoted Tweets using browser cookies. Through this tool, advertisers are able to define their own groups of existing and potential customers on the platform and reach them with relevant messages. Now Twitter is giving you access to two new targeting options. [Read More…]

Nonprofits, Get Your Pages Ready for LinkedIn’s Volunteer Marketplace

Linkedin Centipedes at 2010 Bay to Breakers

In 2013, LinkedIn broadened its feature set in order to help professionals better represent themselves, their business, and their accomplishments on the network. Not only has the company added more media options and endorsements, but it also launched a new volunteer and causes section where members can highlight the charities and organizations they support. [Read More…]

Use Embeds, Trending, and Hashtags to Find Popular Posts on Facebook


Following the launch public embeds and its public feed API, Facebook is now taking full steps into the real-time social arena. This week Facebook officially unveiled Trending, a new product that’s designed to surface interesting and relevant conversations in order to help members discover the best content from all across the platform. [Read More…]

[Image credit: Tanja Scherm]