According to new documentation, Facebook has tweaked the way advertisers define and track actions that might be relevant to their campaigns through the Ads API.

Tracking specs, as Facebook calls them, allow you to track what actions are taken by people interacting with your ad. Unlike previous iterations, tracking specs will only track; they will not optimize for that action nor does it charge based on that action.

Previously you could use conversion specs to track and optimize for actions, such as Page Likes, Offer claims, link clicks, or custom Open Graph actions. Through this method, Facebook would automatically show ads to consumers who were more likely to take the actions defined through conversion specs.

However, some advertisers might want to track certain actions without having Facebook optimize for them. Now the social network is offering conversion specs and tracking specs separately. Meaning that you can define conversion specs to optimize for and then use tracking specs to measure the results.

As Inside Facebook pointed out, this change will primarily affect developers building on the Ads API. While it’s possible you’ll see a small adjustment to Power Editor or the third-party tool you use to manage your campaigns, it’ll depend on how developers decide to implement these changes on their platforms.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Victor1558]