When Facebook launched Timeline it was met with mixed reactions from members, but undoubtedly changed the game for marketers. In an effort to keep things fresh (and feathers ruffled), the social network is testing a new format.

Facebook has confirmed that it’s testing a new layout that puts all posts in a single column on the left and activity modules in a narrower column on the right. This addresses a common complaint about Timeline — members don’t seem to like having to look back and forth on the page as they scroll through the stream.

Now the line down the middle has been removed, turning the two-column Timeline into just one. The publisher and all of the posts below it are wider, and Open Graph modules — which are still along the right side of the page — are no longer the same size as posts. Additionally, when there are no more actions to display, the right size will appear blank instead of moving wall posts back to the right.

While this might not feel very Timeline-like, you can still jump to a specific month or year via the timeline of dates at the top right of the page. Everything else — your cover image, profile photo, tabs, and dates — seem to be the same. At this time, Facebook is testing the new format with a small percentage of members, but it’s unclear if it will affect profiles, Pages, or both. We’ll keep you updated on the changes as more details are released.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Dylan Tweney]