Facebook is a great platform for showcasing visual content, so what better social network could there be for a famous fashion house? Chanel has been a leader in couture for many years, sparking many revolutions in women’s clothing and fragrances — little black dress, anyone? Now the company is making a statement as a leader in social media as well.

Images are certainly a strong component Chanel’s Facebook presence; the Page has a very well-curated selection of photographs. Through all of the eye candy, however, it’s clear that this company has worked hard to bring its long history to life in this contemporary medium. Here are some of the great and stylish things Chanel is making happen on Facebook.

Giving a Classic Face to the Company

Many of the new photos and advertisements feature the current spokeswomen for Chanel, but one of the fashion house’s great advantages is its treasure trove of historical photos. Instead of using Timeline’s Milestones feature just to share important dates for the company, Chanel’s Facebook Page also chronicles the life of pioneering designer and founder Gabrielle Chanel.

From her birth in 1883 to the release of her classic Chanel No. 5 perfume, the life of Gabrielle Chanel is closely tied to the development of her fashion house. These updates are usually accompanied by vintage photos of Chanel herself. It’s a great way for the brand to recognize its wonderful heritage and history. Because the designer’s name is so frequently used for names of the company’s products, it was a smart choice to make Chanel a more prominent and relatable figure for fans to identify with.

Taking Cues from Fashion Magazines

Chanel has also taken an approach to visuals that seems similar to a magazine layout. If you were to flip through a fashion magazine, you would see the polished images of couture photo shoots and advertisements alongside discussions of red carpet wear and runway shows. All those types of photos are represented on the label’s Facebook Page.

Chanel has also taken the next step in visual presentation by adding videos to its Page. Its video content ranges from trailers for the brand’s Little Black Jacket Exhibition, to filming behind the scenes at photo shoots, to advertising spots promoting its products. Video provides an extra dimension and allure to the label’s accessories and fragrances. It also gets Facebook fans closer to the haute couture brand than a still photo in a magazine ever could.

Another staple of fashion magazines is how-to articles, which Chanel has worked into its Facebook Page as well. Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge has partnered with the brand’s Makeup Confidential site, and she has provided several cosmetics tutorials for Chanel’s Facebook Page. It’s a great way for the company to present a new angle for its products and get fans engaged.

Keeping the Branding Across Updates

The Chanel name, in all-caps black and white text, as well as the two interlocking capital C’s, are well-known logos for the fashion house. The iconic branding is a key part of how Chanel presents itself on Facebook.

Even though the brand typically refreshes its profile image about once a year, it looks like the cover photo will see more frequent rotations. Chanel’s first cover photo simply displayed a bold text image of the brand name. The latest cover is a promotional photo for its new watch, but even that image is mostly white, with the product name in the signature black font.

It’s important to maintain that level of brand consistency when moving into the world of social media. Unified branding helps make a stronger statement, and can tie together a wide range of content on a network like Facebook. Follow the lead of Chanel — leverage Facebook Timeline to show off the long history of your brand.

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[Image credit: Stefany]