Over the past few months, Facebook has worked with news and publishing sites to understand how it can help drive more readers to their sites. As a result, the social network has launched a new tool, called Stories to Share, within the Page admin dashboard.

Stories to Share aims to make it easier for media sites to find the most engaging content to share on Facebook. For example, TIME can see suggestions of stories it has published to its website but not yet shared with its Facebook fans. Any of those suggestions can now be viewed and shared directly from the Insights Dashboard in its admin panel.

In 2013, Facebook has shown new focus on becoming a source for real-time news and a powerful driver of referral traffic. As the company worked with its partners it found that, on average, referral traffic from Facebook to media sites has increased by over 170 percent throughout the past year.

The social network worked with 29 media sites over a seven-day period to find out exactly how their referral traffic could be impacted if they increased the number of times they posted to their Facebook Pages. It found that posting more frequently increased referral traffic by more than 80 percent.

During that week, the media sites averaged an increase in the number of articles they posted to their pages by 57 percent. As a result, there was an 89 percent increase in average outbound clicks to their domains. Additionally, the amount of Likes per post increased by over 10 percent and the number of net fans per page went up by 49 percent.

Stories to Share is currently being tested with media organizations and publishers and isn’t available on all Pages. It’s also worth noting that the data above doesn’t represent every type of Facebook Pages — there’s no magic number of how many posts will impact referral traffic. Admins are encouraged to test how increased posting impacts referrals, Likes, and overall engagement.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Jusben]