Facebook is simplifying the process for sharing activities from third-party iOS apps to the social network. The company announced the release of its native Share Dialog, which gives developers an easy way to integrate sharing capabilities with just one line of code.

Specifically, this tool enables your app users to post something back to Facebook with a single click. The Share Dialog includes support for location tagging, friend tagging, custom privacy settings, deep linking, and more.

It also works even if people haven’t logged into your app using Facebook — something many users didn’t like since they had to grant you various publishing permissions. Now, just as long as they are logged into the Facebook app for iOS, they can easily publish to Facebook from any iOS app that uses the Share Dialog.

According to Facebook engineer Jason Clark, utilizing this feature eliminates one to three extra steps required for login when sharing through feed dialog. If it’s easier to share, members will likely do more of it, which means more exposure for your app and brand on Facebook. The tool also improves the iOS 6 Share Sheet by adding support for publishing Open Graph actions.

Previously in beta, the feature is now available in the Facebook SDK for iOS, which you can download directly from the social network’s developer blog. The company said the Share Dialog is still in development for Android. For mobile developers looking to integrate with Facebook and leverage its mobile user base of more than 750 million users, it seems worth it to learn more.

[Via: CNET, Image credit: Karen]