Facebook members aren’t strangers to phishing scams, but the most recent attempt is targeting Page admins.

According to the website Facecrooks, the latest scam uses the Facebook Security Team logo to lure admins into providing login information to a third-party application.

The Facebook message (pictured here) appears to be authentic at first, warning admins:

“We have reviewed the suspension of your page. After reviewing your page activity, it was determined that yo were in violation of our terms of service. We have provided a warning to you via email, but you have no responded to our notification. Therefore, your account might be permanently suspended.”

The message then instructs you to verify your account using a link that opens a third-party app. Scammers often use official-sounding page names and apps to appear legitimate. But as Facecrooks pointed out, anytime you see a Facebook URL in the following format — apps.facebook.com/app_name_here/ — you should know that you’re not dealing with an app created by Facebook.

With the recent changes to Facebook’s cover photo policy and News Feed ads, many admins might take a message like this seriously. If you’ve recently entered your login information after receiving a similar message, we recommend changing your Facebook password immediately.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: Steve Johnson, Facecrooks]