Today Facebook confirmed that it has ended its Reach Generator program for premium advertisers.

Reach Generator, which was announced only seven months ago, allowed you to pay the social network to sponsor your Page posts over a month-long period.

“We are simplifying our offerings for advertisers, who can now achieve reach goals through Promoted Posts, a Facebook spokesperson said.

Promoted Posts is a much more flexible, self-serve product that enables Pages with more than 400 Likes to increase the reach of specific posts without going through the ad dashboard.

Since their launch in May, Facebook has added audience options, which allow you to choose between existing fans or both fans and their friends. However, as the number of estimated viewers goes up, so does the cost. Before you spend anything, make sure that the Promote Button is worth the cash.

If you used Reach Generator, Facebook will continue to support currently running campaigns; however, it will no longer accept new orders or renewals.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: E. Dronkert]