Facebook has made several changes to its advertising platform over the past month. The updates are part of the company’s goal to simplify its ad products and offer advertisers a much more consistent and intuitive experience. But while many improvements have surfaced, some options are being removed.

Earlier this week, Sprout Social customer Craig Glaser noticed that Facebook quietly pulled the plug on its questions tool for Pages. Initially launched to help bolster engagement, Facebook Questions let you get recommendations, conduct polls, and gain unique insight from your fans. As admins turn to their compose boxes this week, many are noticing this option is now gone.

When the social network first announced plans for its advertising overhaul, it acknowledged that there were some redundancies in its feature line-up. To progress with its goal, Facebook chose to eliminate Questions in favor of its new commenting system. Threaded comments and individual replies have made it a lot easier to manage conversations directly within page posts.

Here’s what Facebook had to say about the removal: “We’re no longer offering question as an advertising product, or as a tool for all pages on Facebook, but we’re exploring the value questions bring to pages that produce public content — like news organizations, for example. Questions will remain as a tool for a small group of these types of pages, so that they can help us test a few improvements we’re making to the ways people and pages interact on Facebook.”

Although Questions might be gone, they’re not dead. It’s very possible that Facebook could introduce a new tool down the road. At the same time, while there isn’t a specific button prompting you, you can still ask a question in a post and get answers in the comments. Marketers and social media managers have to be prepared to adapt.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: Rennett Stowe]