Facebook has updated its Power Editor ad platform, resulting in a slightly different ad creation flow for advertisers.

Previously, you might have found this process to be overwhelming . You’d start by selecting what you wanted to advertise and then navigate through multiple menus to choose the ad type you wanted to run. And if you aren’t familiar with all of Facebook’s different ad types, it was even more confusing.

The most recent update has laid out Facebook’s different ad types more clearly, and now you’re asked what type of ad you want to create right off the bat. This way, the following options will be relevant to your decision and should make this experience an easier one to navigate. The Power Editor will also find a corresponding item for the ad type selected, where possible. For example, let’s say you want to create an ad for an upcoming event. Once you’ve chosen the type of ad you’d like to run, the Power Editor will find an event you recently created.

Additionally, Facebook now offers “mobile only” and “video ad” as distinct ad types. For mobile-only ads, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to run Sponsored Stories, Page Post Ads, or App Install Ads after you’ve selected “mobile only” from the ad types menu. The promotion of Video Ads could be in preparation of a new video ad type that Facebook is rumored to be working on. It might also be a way to draw more awareness to this specific ad type — previously it wasn’t clear that video ads have to be created as page post ads.

And finally, Sponsored Search Results (formerly Sponsored Results) have been made into a distinct ad choice. Previously buried as a sub-option, it wasn’t clear that this particular ad type was a search-based ad. This should help to clear up any confusion. While no new ad types were announced with the update, the new Power Editor offers a better ad-creation experience.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Geoffrey Franklin]