Facebook has temporarily closed its Preferred Marketing Developers program as it reconsiders its badge requirements due to the volume of applications.

Previously, the Preferred Marketing Developers (PMD) badge was awarded to developers that have demonstrated value-added capabilities in one or more of the following qualification areas: Pages, Ads, Apps, and Insights.

Early reports might have caused a bit of confusion, leading developers to believe the program had been shut down. A Facebook spokesperson clarified that the PMD program is still in effect, though new applicants are temporarily not being reviewed. The revised process and requirements are expected to go live in the next few weeks, and at that point, Facebook will ask new developers to reapply.

In the meantime, it appears that the new process will be based on a referral system — meaning that someone you’ve worked with at Facebook must be willing to vouch for you. Additionally, the new badge criteria will include a focus on paid media across all four qualifications. We should note that there is no specific requirement that all PMDs run ads.

A Facebook spokesperson shared the following statement: “What we are working on, just as we do for brands and agencies, is ensuring that the PMD ecosystem is comprehensive in its knowledge of the entire Facebook marketing platform versus a smaller subset. The intrinsic link between paid, earned, and owned media on Facebook means that PMDs must have a deep knowledge and understanding across all of those areas to ensure marketer success.”

According to Inside Facebook, this likely means that developers building tools for analytics or creating contests might not be accepted into the program. “It is becoming increasingly important for marketers and advertisers to consider how Pages, Apps, Ads, and Insights are connected and create campaigns to leverage such,” wrote Brittany Darwell. “Just as businesses are looking for software and partners to help them do it all, Facebook is focusing its resources on developers who can work across all four areas.”

Companies that have recently applied for PMD status should receive an email from Facebook once the new process goes live in a few weeks. Otherwise, we recommend holding off on submitting your application until Facebook re-opens the program.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Iain Farrell]