With more than 250 million photos uploaded a day, Facebook has become the world’s most popular photo sharing service. In an effort to create a better experience for everyone, the social network has announced a few updates that affect its photo viewer.

You’ve been able to upload high-definition photos since late 2010, but starting today Facebook will display photos in high-resolution by default. Additionally, Chrome and Firefox users can ditch the black background and view fullscreen images.

Previously Facebook photos could only be viewed at a portion of your screen size. The new update will display photos at maximum resolution — 2048 x 2048 — which can be up to four times bigger on large displays.

To view fullscreen, click the expansion arrow at the top right of individual photos. The image will be automatically loaded in high-resolution with an improved color profile.

While the update will attract more professional photographers and higher quality photos, it could also have a huge impact on its servers — six billion high-definition photo uploads per month will take up a lot of space and bandwidth.

Now that Timeline has put more emphasis on visuals, larger viewing options and better quality photos are great, not only for photographers, but for any business or brand with a visually appealing product or service.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: Joost J. Bakker]